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We will work with you as long as we are notified in advance. The glass is rough not sharp around the circumference of the Owens ring. Very rarely is anything in this category because it also implies that the item has almost never been handled.

  • Chips and cracks will definitely affect the expected value we put on an item.
  • He will eventually be converted.
  • Bottle made from manganese dioxide decolorized glass exhibiting a slight lavender cast in the thick portions of the glass.
  • At a very quick glance the item will appear Mint, but a close look may reveal some minor wear and light scratches.
  • Note about a potential related dating refinement.

Machine Made Dating

Australian bottle dating

Payments should be made in Australian dollars. All bids are in Australian dollars. No additional fees will be charged for any other form of payment in Australian dollars including cash, direct bank deposit, and cheque. In any event, the suction scar is never found on mouth-blown bottles though suction scars are sometimes referred to as a pontil scar by the unfamiliar. These numbers help to determine general dating break probabilities for both machine-made and mouth-blown bottles.

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See the Australia Post website for more information. This can often lead to enhanced dating refinement of midth century liquor bottle depending on the current information available for the glass maker. Bidding Bids will typically be made directly on this website. This double checking will minimise mistakes, so buyers can be assured that they are getting exactly what they expect. We can always have some indication of a starting date for a technique if we can find who first put the idea into practice.

Acceptance often occurred over a period of many years or decades in some cases. Return back to this page by closing the Bottle Morphology page. Thus, these questions do not have to be viewed in order. This was the manner in which the early Owens bottles were blown.

Welcome to ABCR Auctions

Another exception example is that the bottles for expensive, low production liquors e. For us, shrimp are incredibly tiny sea creatures who are either imported or used as bait. Symbol Only Makers Markings. Thousands of people ask Digger questions about their bottles.

More specifically, there appears to have been an increase in the homogeneity and uniformity of glass as the technological advances of the machine era proceeded. It is not precisely certain when this feature first was used on bottles although it likely first appeared in on bottles produced by the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? As such Bidders are advised to take into account the entire description of any item they are interested in.

None of the stippling - given the indented nature of the base center and lack of stippling on the resting surface - would have come in contact with the conveyor belt. This was almost universal with many beverage bottle types e. Alternatively, best australia dating app could be polished with some minor marks still evident. But the process was completed in a single blow. Credit cards not accepted.


With the increasing dominance of the automatic bottle machine in the s and on, bottle shapes, sizes, and colors became more and more standardized and uniform, i. Turn-mold bottle body showing faint concentric rings. In order to be in compliance with the Gould Amendment, soda bottlers in El Paso along with those in the rest of the U. Often the vertical side mold seams are evidenced by very faint changes in glass density in lines where one would expect mold seams to be.

Unlike most screw caps, the three point screw top had three lugs jutting out from the lip which were to engage a metal cap. This will be noted where known. Also, appart dating bordeaux 2019 the format and space constraints of a journal article do not allow for the elaboration and illustrations necessary to make a key function fully Jones b.

Australian bottle dating
Australian bottle dating

Consider it the hazardous by-product of a months-long barbecue season. All potentially leave a very slight residual color to the glass that is usually visible when looking closely at the thickest portion of the base or sides. Note the diagonal line which cuts across the base is obliterated by the Owens Ring the large off-center curcular feature. Close-up of the finish lip of an Illinois Glass Co.

Unfortunately, the use of the one and two digit date codes was inconsistently used by different plants and mold makers so this is not a certain rule for dating. Read through each of the questions to see which have pertinence to the bottle you wish to date. With the uniformity, came the possibility to create a solid seal with a screw cap. In the s, is online dating destroying love the bottle mimicked early forms which were hand tooled and sealed with a cork.

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Australian bottle dating

Combined Makers Markings Table - Out of date but useful. The concentric rings are not always as obvious as the picture shows click to enlarge and sometimes not visible, though if present it is a conclusive diagnostic feature. This is especially true of later machine made bottles, i. Click on ghost seam to view a close-up explanatory picture of this attribute. That is the point of this website.

However, a large majority of bottles in the U. Not that we haven't tried. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e. Likewise, the probability that a bottle exhibiting mouth-blown hand-made diagnostic features dating prior to the mids is very high and after the s is very low, though not impossible as noted above.

The information on this website will, however, usually produce a reliable manufacturing date range for a majority of American utilitarian bottles manufactured from the early s to the midth century. The image to the right is a close-up of a small, medium green, machine-made ink bottle. This inscription is found only on machine-made bottles, with the rare exception of some Mexican-made for the U. This is a lexical distinction that will definitely matter if you're dating anybody from a rural area of Australia. This provides a terminus post quem earliest date of use of for bottles with the plastic cap still present.

If your bottle is an ink fitting the descriptions above, click Machine-made Bottles to move to the Machine-made bottles dating page for more possible dating refinement and to pursue more information. They are delicious and you will have them at every fancy occasion, and you have no say in this. Plastic caps for screw thread finishes can be an excellent tool for dating. This page guides a user through the key for seven different type and age bottles with several being side-by-side comparisons of very similar bottles of different eras.

  1. The color of the glass in a machine-made bottle can, to a limited degree, be useful in dating.
  2. The earlier green glass ink bottle is also certainly machine-made, most likely on an early semi-automatic, blow-and-blow machine based on its crudeness and lack of a suction scar.
  3. The author has also seen Star Bitters labels on Wait's bottles as well as both labels on the immensely period popular Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bottles!
  4. Close up of iron pontil Close up of an open pontil milk base for comparison.

No material may be copied for commercial purposes. The base of the second bottle whose lip was shown above right is displayed here. The middle picture shows an open pontil on the base of a cylindrical medicine bottle. Seriously, you guys have seen a game of rugby, right? The image to the left is a close-up of the shoulder, neck and finish of a small Sheaffers ink bottle click to enlarge for more detail.


Click here for a picture of a typical s to s milk bottle. Click here to move directly to the list of machine-made dating questions. Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key. Minor chips, hairlines and other minimal damage will be dealt with in a broadly similar way i.

Australian bottle dating

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Knurling was machine impressed on the base plate. The image to the left is a close-up of a bottle with bubbles in atypically high quantity for illustrative purposes. All other machine-made bottles that I have examined, filled by El Paso bottlers, bore volume information.

Between and about the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. The titles of and links to all of the pages contained within this site can be viewed by clicking on Website Map. Viewers are encouraged, for personal or classroom use, how to make your online to download limited copies of posted material. Suction scars can not be produced by feed and flow automatic machines i. Manganese dioxide causes the glass to have a very slight lavender or amethyst tint which is amplified to varying degrees with exposure to sunlight or artificial radiation.

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