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Sunday January 10 2016

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Jungyeon looks fresh-faced at the airport while carrying Momo. That was actually his nickname as a composer. The game was about eating quickly.

  1. Knowing his fans are already kinda sensitive about his attitude atm, he should kinda lay low.
  2. He still treats his fans with respect.
  3. It just feel so literal that money can buy my love.
  4. We gave you credits in the post!
  5. Now it reminds me of a silicon rod with skin curved over to form nostrils on the sides.
  6. Entertainment as a teenager.

Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. He gets her gifts with the money he makes from his job which happens to be being an idol. Idol culture only breeds more delusional stalkers.

Closing Twitter means he's turning his back on the fans. By fan, how to cope after dating I don't mean he is my everything etc. That girl is sorta dumb for doing that but fans should not be mad.

His girlfriend might be once but the fans are once, too. He's very nonchalant about his fans. He worked hard and earbed that money and he can spend it however he wants. Eh, work and private life should be seperate anyways. That's really selfish of you.

Sunday January 10 2016

The label said that future full-group activities would be negotiated with all seven members. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Well, it's different in Korea. They're definitely a lot different now then they were when they first started out.

  • If you two are obviously dating, why would receiving money from him make you feel like that?
  • This is his goddamn paycheck.
  • Are you telling him to stop dating her and be alone and live off of the feelings of his fans?
  • Block B Japan in Japanese.
  • Could you update the photos to the yesterday teaser photos please?

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Ukwon Talks About Fans Dating // Block B s Future

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Block B s U-Kwon and Model Jun Sun Hye Are Dating

Well if that was his nose before surgery, I totally prefer it back then over now. He also gave other gifts to his girlfriend. Newer Post Older Post Home. Plz write down that B-Bomb, P.

No need to act so entitled. When my father passed away early last year, he wanted to change my name which has a family meaning behind that. If this was given during Lunar New Year's then receiving money is actually a good thing.

If she loves it and appreciates it then that's all that matter. And for BlockB future activity is on disscussion with the seven member. Because the story is told from singer's first-person perspective, Taeil does not physically appear in the video. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality.

Am I the only one who thinks badly of this? What is he gonna do when he breaks up? He should apologize if he's at fault. Did U-Kwon not work hard for that money? It caused him to have to leave a tour before.

It's the same when it comes to dating, the fans seem to think idols are their property and they end up treating them like products. What I meant, is that is it typical to receive such monetary gifts such as this between people dating. Soribada Best K-Music Awards. You should make a profile for Zico as a soloist. He changed his name to minjun, not jun.

Block B Ukwon announces break up with his girlfriend - Koreaboo
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Meanwhile, the other members went straight and volunteered to eat the food for their partners. Not women who hang outside a lot. There's a reason some fans are chill unlike these complaining. It's not to say that Idols owe them everything but it'd be nice to at least acknowledge the people who supported your career as it kicked off. There's always going to be some weirdos, unfortunately.

Zico said that nothing stands out in Jaehyo as a singer but Jaehyo is good at everything else. Please help this article by looking for better, dating minor more reliable sources. The song's release was accompanied by a music video starring actress Nam Ji-hyun.

He didnt renew contract with seven seasons, but didnt left the group, while the other six renew their contract, and for BlockB future activity is on disscussion with the seven member. He seems like a really sweet boyfriend. The group also said that they would be contesting the ruling, and were preparing independent promotions. Would they say he was being disrespectful towards the customers who bought, I don't know, bloody instant ramen from the store he works at since that's where the money for his salary comes from?

Ukwon Talks About Fans Dating // Block B s Future

Block B's fans get mad at U-Kwon's behavior towards fans with his relationship. Ukwon is using the money he made as a Block B member on his girlfriend and somehow this is not acceptable when the only thing not acceptable is the reactions here. Picture of all of the Block B members with written message to fanclub members. Yeah sure Yukwon's attitude towards fans might be annoying at times but he's been that way since forever. Most idols are too scared of what the public will think of them when it comes to dating.

He didnt renew contract with seven seasons, but the other six is yes. Ofc he's gonna use some of it on his girlfriend especially since they've been together for a while. He doesn't pretend to show love to fans but at the most we hope he feels gratitude towards us, that's all that matters. We still didn't complain because we thought he was being shy but with this incident, the fans are bursting the anger they held back. Zico is pretty good at observing people and noticing changes.

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Sunday March 1 2015

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Park Kyung had plastic surgery done on his chin. That's some gift wow I hope there's a wedding ring somewhere in there. It's one thing to be yourself and show your appreciation in your own way like the other members and another to be seemingly completely ungrateful and indifferent.

That's just how he was raised so he feels extra odd about taking money from me or allowing me to pay for stuff. But if he's happy, it's whatever. My boyfriend pays for everything and even gives me money when he can, he refuses to take any money from or let me pay for anything. Jaehyo was also trained with Infinite members and he is a bit close with L. Honestly U-Kwon doesn't really mention about the fans.

Block B U-Kwon Dating Model Jun Sun Hye

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