Brooks ayers dating vicki, exclusive brooks ayers is a married man

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Plans on Going After Ex Brooks Ayers Legally

You do know that they tried to scam cancer victims, right? So I would proceed with caution on all fronts. She is a woman of integrity and compassion, and would never lie about something so serious as this. This woman is sowing some terrible seeds out there and has been on the receiving end of a shit storm for years. Lady C and I are good friends in real life and she writes several recaps here on this site.

That Club Detox crap was just a juicing company looking to get attention on a SoCal show where juicing is quite common. Now if only Vicki would change her life for the better. Vickie gave too much too soon, and thats not the way it works with men. The opposite of that comes from the same place. My sister wasted a lot of money on weird things when she was dying too.

Brooks ayers dating vicki

She seems to be happy now and for that I am grateful because now we can stop hearing about her love tank and all. He told Gunvalson but asked her not to share the news publicly. Seriously, the stupid forged medical That was just beyond stupid.

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Plans on Going After Ex Brooks Ayers Legally

Brooks Ayers is opening up to Real Housewives of Orange County fans after admitting in November he forged medical records relating to his cancer diagnosis. Brooks Ayers is opening up after admitting in November he forged medical records relating to his cancer diagnosis. In November, Ayers admitted he had forged documents to make it appear he had been a patient at cancer hospital City of Hope. Through the first five years of dating Vicki, I was coined as a con man, low life, gold digger, dead beat, etc. However, Vicki chose him over her friends and her daughter even with all the evidence against him.

His paid for teeth by Vicki. Better to be a friend for a season than to create that faux cancer storyline. That is pretty much unforgivable.

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Brooks Ayers

Her and her husband are not great people and did disgusting things in order to live a lifestyle. There are many more relatives and loved ones who have lived and died with cancer. You had the ability to put her comfort over your own and your loved ones. It was a story to get ratings and make them the villians. Bravo was going to cut her hours if she did not bring on Brooks.

Now, onto the reason why I am writing this. Im actually forgiving to a fault, but its not warranted in all cases. Instead, with all the probing from Meghan, Shannon and Heather, it all went to hell in a handbasket, got completely out of control, dating and became the nightmare it was. Or that they bought the tea and died.

Brooks shows alot of traits of a cluster B major personality disorder. It was Vicki who invested in Club Detox and it was Vicki who was featured all over their web site talking about how much their products were helping Brooks. Vicki has to be burning with jealously that Brooks hooked a spouse before her.

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But in the end, who the F should care? Vicki will now hold his feet to the marriage fire. Vicki is reaching for the Vicki Vodka bottle as we speak.

They travel to Starkville frequently during football season. He has tried to stay out of the limelight since then. It wasnt love, so much as demon possession. She is a sales director for a tire company. Some shit is going to have to go down before I do, birmingham because fuck that.

Not for the easily offended. And all the way down that list, why is dating discouraged I feel important. Some people are just wired wrong and they cant change it.

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His family showed up to get the stuff they wanted after he died. Bottom line is, these are people on reality shows. My mama is a breast cancer survivor, I did not take it personal. He lifted her her up, he validated her he made her feel loved and wanted and even needed and that fulfilled her. Why is who had cancer or not some kind of contest?

Vicki Gunvalson s Ex Brooks Ayers Is Married Shannon Beador Reacts
  • Please explain Tamra since I often agree with you, just not on this one.
  • This was my first thought too.
  • At the time, he apologized and said he faked the documents because he did not want to disclose his real medical records.

Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Update Tamra Judge Weighs In

And I generally wish the best for people I see are trying. If you are enraged and hateful towards pretty much everyone one the shows you spend way too many hours of your life hating with all your pee pee you run out of hatred for more important issues. That is totally where I my thoughts went!

Exclusive Brooks Ayers Is A Married Man

Brooks ayers dating vicki

Vicki was no fool as far as her money went. So Im not big on the forgiveness movement, dating ariane telescope that turns it around and puts it all on the victim. Or that they were scammed. Did we just have our first fight or our last?

Are they made to feel guilty for having bad thoughts? And if you really want to punish a reality star, turn off their show. Brooks exposed the real Vicki to the bravo audience. Alot of people dont understand about these disorders. They dont realize they get boerd and cycle people, that they have to do that, lack empathy or impulse control.

It was Vicki who drug the head of Club Detox all over the place with them so that she could get the exposure on the show to get more investors. My family lives in New England. Maybe he has changed his life around.

Vicki Gunvalson s Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Is Married

  1. Who fucking cares if he got married?
  2. The couple has been dating since at least January of last year.
  3. In real life I have a very serious pay it forward philosophy.
  4. And I am also very tired of everyone throwing the cancer shit out there, I hate to defend the enfensable.
  5. So there is less to take seriously about the people and less to personalize.
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