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The keywork was the most fully adjustable of any saxophone during that period. The part where the neck conecect's to the horn with the screw cracked. Student line brasswind manufacturing was outsourced to Yamaha in Japan. Conn used the letter M to identify the instrument as a saxophone in their catalogs and inventory. His career grew far beyond the confines of horn making.

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But as of yet, it iis not mine to clean up. The instrument that Buescher built for Lefebre was essentially a copy of an Adolphe Sax horn. There is strong demand for these fine instruments. This section does not cite any sources.

In Conn was elected Mayor of Elkhart on the Democratic ticket. Hi Jim, i found this this posting through an Internet search. Conn was en route from California to Elkhart when his factory burned, and upon arriving home he was met with a public demonstration, a way of showing popular sympathy.

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The horn was completely redone, new spring'd pad's cork's ect. On these horns, you would press the first octave key to play from C to G in the second octave, greek matchmaking chicago and then the second octave key to open the octave key on the neck for A and above. Here is what I have found from digging.

The M prefix to the serial number means it was manufactured in right about at the end of the good years. He needed a rim with a groove which the rubber cement would adhere to more easily. In spite of two imaginative and valiant attempts to escape, he was recaptured and spent the remainder of the war in captivity. His estate didn't have enough money in it to afford a grave marker, gloucestershire online dating and a hat was passed around the horn factory to collect enough money to buy one.

Conn Saxophone Model Timeline

The most common is the matte silver plate with gold washed bell. Some of the brass key touches appear to have remnants of gold plating on them. The company was founded by Charles Gerard Conn b. Really, I would need to clean it up better to knoow what it looks like for sure.

The early horns also bare Conn's pattent number, and are marked L for low pitch, or H for high pitch high pitch models are extremely rare The horns will not have this patent number on them. Looking at selling it, and was wondering around how much I could reasonably ask for? He proceeded to develop a close relationship and communications between the industry and music educators.

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Conn Saxophone Models Timeline

Can anyone tell me what model this is and some idea of its age. How else should I research this horn? It is in great shape, has a gorgeous tone, though suffers from mechanical issues here and there. Horns made for the European market are often unengraved, and lacquered examples may have silver plated keywork.

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The first New Wonder Series I to have rolled tone holes was the alto. Almost nothing would surprise me from Conn! Is their intonation as good as the Conn's? After he showed his friends his idea, he realized that there was tremendous demand for his invention.

Also, I'm wondering what the shooting stars mean. The underslung octave key is the clue, speed dating for christian as often the M prefix means but they had discontinued the underslung octave key by then. Production moved to Mexico.

Can you offer any additional insight on this sax? Can I sent you some photos so you can have a look and tell me what you think? Rick's information is inaccurate. Please check your email and follow the instructions.

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  • What does anyone think of this saxophone?
  • The seller of the rifle is interested in my sax to trade for the rifle.
  • Thank you very much for your time.
  • It is rumoured that there is a scam, by which somebody who acquires your serial number can then claim the instrument is theirs.
  • Company acquired by Selmer.
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The C Melody was one of the last horns to receive rolled tone holes. In order to download anything to iPad etc. They play very well, have good intonation and a great tone! There were only a few made. Another unusual feature is that the key touches are not mother of pearl, tiny house dating but plain brass with a slightly dimpled surface.

Production of other wind instruments remained in Elkhart. If I remember correctly, we determined that it was a model. Colonel Conn meanwhile was allowed to keep his home in Los Angeles, California.

  1. Conn founded the subsidiary Pan American Band Instrument Company in and later that year moved production of second-line instruments to the old Angledile Scale factory.
  2. Does anyone have suggestions besides ebay for a good place to try sell this horn?
  3. In this area they had stiff competition from other big saxophone makers such as Buescher and Martin.

Conn saxophones were made in Elkhart until at which time production was moved to Nogales, Arizona after Conn purchased the Best Manufacturing facility. My son plays and I'm researching saxophones. By Conn was producing a complete line of saxophones. All the keys have mother of pearl on them, and there is an ornate floral pattern on it. Don't confuse this with the A for alto, or C for C melody.

Serial numbers from are inconclusive. However, make sure it's pre, before they stopped making them with rolled tone holes. These horns have double-octave keys, straight tone holes, no pearl keys and all examples probably featured a keyed range of low Bb to altissimo F. The baritones are particularly rich sounding.

The Vintage Saxophone Gallery -

They're cool collectables, but not something I would recommend playing. If not, then maybe try a tenor case and if necessary cut a piece of foam to take up some slack. That's after the rolled tone holes were discontinued, but it should still be a great saxophone.

This surprises me, as I thought that the Pan American line was older than that. Or maybe the experts can clarify. Conn diverted to using a four digit serial number on some horns before deciding on the letter prefix. He was re-elected in but did not finish the term. But, I won't even go there.

My problem is my lack of funds but I found this Conn that I might be able to afford. In addition to running his store, Conn also made rubber stamps and re-plated silverware. Selmer didn't buy Conn because they were once great horns and they wanted to restore the company's reputation to what it was during the golden years!

They are often beautifully engraved. Some models certainly command the highest prices. After adding an item or several items to your cart, click on the Calculate Shipping button and choose your location from the dropdown menu. Could you tell me what model this could be? You must confirm your email address before we can send you.

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