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In the s, the Plasmatronics speaker also used a plasma tweeter, though the manufacturer did not stay in business very long and very few of these complex units were sold. This phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect. These early models were finicky and required regular replacement of the cell in which the plasma was generated the DuKane unit used a precision machined quartz cell. Tweeters can also work in collaboration with the woofers that are responsible for generating the low frequencies or bass.

This article is about the loudspeaker driver. Archived copy as title link.

Polyethylene terephthalate film and woven silk suffer less ringing, but are not nearly as stiff, which can limit their very high frequency output. The latter plugs in and swivels to adjust the soundfield depending on listener position and user preference.

Cone tweeters have a narrower dispersion characteristic that is the same as a cone woofer's. The separation from the baffle is considered to be optimal under the theory that the smallest baffle possible is optimal for tweeters. All dome materials have advantages and disadvantages.

This alignment of molecules will cause the material to change dimensions. If a tweeter has been subjected to elevated power levels, some thickening of the ferrofluid occurs, as a portion of the carrier liquid evaporates. Ribbons have traditionally been incapable of high output large magnet gaps leading to poor magnetic coupling is the main reason. The fluid is typically injected into the magnetic gap and is held in place by the strong magnetic field.

Tweeter Driver Horn

This article needs additional citations for verification. Celestion were the first manufacturers to fabricate dome tweeters out of a metal, copper.

Driver tweeter

Nearly all tweeters are electrodynamic drivers using a voice coil suspended within a fixed magnetic field. This slowly expanding throat within the driver is continued in the horn flare.

Driver tweeter

The tweeter in either case is usually termed a compression driver and is quite different from more common types of tweeters see above. The driver is being used as a replacement for a blown piezo tweeter for my bass cabinet. It can also improve the efficiency of the tweeter by coupling the relatively high acoustic impedance of the driver to the lower impedance of the air. The magnet structure is less expensive than for ribbon tweeters.

Some tweeters sit outside the main enclosure in their own semi-independent unit. This phenomenon is known as electrostriction. The development of ribbon tweeters has more or less followed the development of ribbon microphones.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Electro-Voice made a model for a short time under license from DuKane. This is substantially more efficient and less thermally dangerous to a small voice coil and former than other tweeter construction. It was used in many makes and models of well-regarded vintage speakers, and was a mid-priced unit. Many soft dome tweeter diaphragms are thermoformed from polyester film, or silk or polyester fabric that has been impregnated with a polymer resin.

This filled the bill quite well. These types of tweeters are not capable of high output, nor of other than very high frequency reproduction, and so are usually used at the throat of a horn structure to manage usable output levels. The horn flare controls the coverage pattern, or directivity, and as an acoustic transformer, adds gain. These tweeters have different directivity characteristics when compared to standard dome tweeters. Hard dome tweeters are usually made of aluminium, aluminium-magnesium alloys, or titanium.

Not to be confused with Twitter. The larger the horn, the lower the frequencies at which it can work, since large horns provide coupling to the air at lower frequencies. Worked perfectly for my speaker cabinet rebuild. These sound good even though they dont match the crossovers and seem to be well built and heavy duty.

Driver tweeter

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Properly used, a horn improves the off-axis response of the tweeter by controlling i. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Learn more about Amazon Prime. An electrostatic tweeter operates on the same principles as a full-range electrostatic speaker or a pair of electrostatic headphones.

Ferrofluid also aids in centering the voice coil in the magnetic gap, reducing distortion. The active element is the heart of the transducer as it converts the electrical energy to acoustic energy, and vice versa. The ribbon is of very lightweight material and so capable of very high acceleration and extended high frequency response. The phase plug exits into a tapered tube, which forms the start of the horn itself.

These tweeters typically do not have a frame or basket, but a simple front plate attached to the magnet assembly. Modern tweeters are typically different from older tweeters, which were usually small versions of woofers. They are capable of considerable output levels and are rather more sturdy than electrostatics or ribbons, but have similar low-mass moving elements. The stators are connected to the remaining terminals of the transformer.

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They also have minimal phase distortion. The conversion of electrical pulses to mechanical vibrations and the conversion of returned mechanical vibrations back into electrical energy is the basis for ultrasonic testing.

In general, smaller dome tweeters provide wider dispersion of sound at the highest frequencies. For the defunct retail chain, see Tweeter store. But higher power versions of ribbon tweeters are becoming common in large-scale sound reinforcement line array systems, which can serve audiences of thousands. Because ionized gas is electrically charged and so can be manipulated by a variable electrical field, it is possible to use a small sphere of plasma as a tweeter. The suspension may be a continuation of the diaphragm and is glued to a mounting ring, which may fit into a groove, over locating pins, tiny bluetooth adapter driver or be fastened with machine screws.

Driver tweeterDriver tweeter