Games like high school hook up for android, 50 games like

9 Games Like The Hook Up for Android Games Like

  1. You can socialize on a huge scale with people who have same ideas as yours and you can also have some rivals too.
  2. Whatever you choose will determine how well you get along with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fall in love with!
  3. Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star, a rich heiress, or a New York socialite!
  4. It is the first entry in the series of Zero Escape available to play on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms.
  5. As commander of a squadron of cavalry, what will you sacrifice to win the war of gunpowder and magic?
  6. Your tasks in the game are to control her life, and help her excel in life by getting a good job, finding a date, Romancing and by doing all the things you can imagine in real life etc.

Rick - the handsome and popular football player - or Martin - the smart and cute guy? The game includes four different characters and lets the player select one of them to start the game. Explore ancient ruins and exotic lands on a journey to discover the secret of the Artifacts!

Run, jump, slide, and dive your way through tricky traps, enemy hoards, and cavernous mazes, all with simple, responsive touch controls! Cartoon Network and its affiliates are not responsible for any collection, use, top 10 paid dating or disclosure of your personal information by Apple or your wireless carrier. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and revolves around the protagonist named Seiji who is a daydreamer and spends his lots of time thinking about the massive space.

The Hook Up

It supports single-player mode developed and published by Hanako Games. Enter a world filled with Food Souls and start your foodie adventure! Explore the tavern in secret or in style, meet and mingle with guests and staff, wield weapons and magic and uncover clues before the killer strikes again! Begin your quest with Adventure Beaks, the only platformer where you assemble an expedition party of elite Penguin adventurers! The story revolves around a female protagonist name as Akari and her best friends named as Hisato who teaches the ultimate super-sonics love spell to his friend Akari.

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Collect stars to unlock new balls. Order by relevance New release first Old release first Cheaper first Most expensive first. Swipe the ball towards the hoop to score. And return to the classical dungeon crawl, with traps and secret doors, ireland dating and death awaiting the unwary adventurer behind every corner.

The game lets you play as a female character who recently got married to a guy who is basically a big time cheat. Discover various stunningly beautiful Food Souls and listen to their unique voices done by a cast of world-renowned voice actors. The game takes place in the strange mansion and it cast you in the role of the female protagonist named as Aura. Runemals is set in a huge world constantly expanding with regular events, special quests, new creatures and updates. Express your creativity as you customize your Sims distinct appearances and unique personalities, top giving them traits and having fun with fashion and hairstyles.

9 Games Like The Hook Up for Android Games Like

Games like high school hook up for android
  • The game lets you interact or mingle with people from different groups of trades like Cheerleaders, Nerds, Preps, Hipsters, Jocks, Dancers, Skateboarders, and Glee etc.
  • Witch Spell developed by Visual novels.
  • The house of your dreams is a dream no more!
  • The game features the character of the protagonist named as Vincent Brooks who begins to have distorted and strange dreams after his girlfriend Katherine talks to him about getting married.
  • The game includes two different protagonists named Brett and Becky and lets the player select one of them to jump into the game world.

Ruthless, cold, and filled with righteous anger, Lord Nobunaga strikes fear in the hearts of men. The game supports Single-player mode and revolves around a female protagonist who must hide her recent loss of memory while exploring the relationships with five different men. Immerse yourself in an epic war for survival. The game takes place in the kingdom of Diolacov threatened by the monsters. The Visual Novel aesthetics allow you to roam free in an open world by creating and customizing an online avatar of yourself.

Build a dream home where dreams come true! The game lets the player get into the role of the protagonist who is a female named Merui Lucas. Get even more gold, gems, tokens, and other goodies in the Lunar Sea Spire, an entirely separate arena mode that lets you test your teams true power for awesome rewards. You are asked to join their secret party planning association called and the story begins.

The Hook Up Alternatives for Android

Games like high school hook up for android

This suggestion collection includes romance simulation games. Just like all the Voltage games, Pirates in Love offers a great story as well as it allows you to join a group of Pirates and embark on a journey to find the lost treasures. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list. The simulation features the character of Amy who used to date Aaron back in the days before a car accident that totally took the memories of Aaron. The game features a female protagonist Nicole as your character who after modifications and customization helps you get into the game world.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and revolves around a group of characters that have flipped their genders due to unforeseen circumstances. The game has an exciting gameplay, revolving around a female character named as Heejung Kim, who moved out from the house of her mother and obsessed with her education. Fight for power, riches, love, or glory! The game focuses on the protagonist, a sixteen-year-old teenager suffering from a hypoglycemia disease.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based world based on University named Lockwood and supports Single-player mode. Experience the rich and entertaining moments of your Sims lives as they accomplish career goals, pursue hobbies, develop relationships, and improve their Lifestyle. In the previous title, the fictional island was privatized by Toue Konzen and turned into a hotel known as Platinum Jail. The game takes place in the Sci-fi world and supports Single-player mode only.

Games like high school hook up for android

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As usual, the game lets you create and customize your avatar and get into the game world to enjoy it fully. Every choice you make will interfere directly in Annas fate And thats kind of awesome!

Check-in to this magical tale of murder and mystery where not everything is as it seems. The app may enable data collection for legal purposes e. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys.

50 Games Like

Games like high school hook up for android
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