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Maxie moved back to her apartment and allowed Spinelli's new girlfriend Ellie Trout to become her roommate. Maxie follows him, wanting him to stick around for her sake. When Maxie and Nathan are alone they talk about everything that has happened and she tells him that she wasn't going to go through with the wedding because of him.

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Maxie was shaken by Logan's attack on her and by his death. Later on, it is revealed that Maxie, along with Lulu, were forced onto a boat at gunpoint then taken to a cabin in the woods. After Maxie's night with Spinelli, she believed they were going to be together. Lisa confides in Johnny her problems with Robin and Patrick and he somehow gets pulled into her games and schemes.

  1. Maxie tries to get him to let Lulu go but they find out that Lulu is a part of it as well.
  2. At first, Michael confesses to running Claudia off the road before running away.
  3. The police arrived shortly after and Maxie learned that Lisa Niles had been onboard but had gone missing.
  4. He does have great facial expressions though.

Nathan is able to get a paper clip and unlock Maxie's cuff but she breaks it before she can unlock his. Maxie providing Jason with assistance in choosing a ring for Sam, but when she tried it on it slipped off and fell over the balcony ledge. She later changes her mind and decides to fight for her daughter.

Maxie worried that she was not smart or interesting enough to hold Spinelli's attention. Spinelli wanted to repair his relationship with Maxie, so he set up a fake investigation in which he could emerge as Maxie's hero. When Lisa's search nearly causes her to lose her job at General Hospital and delays her greatly, she turns to Johnny for help.

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Nathan comes in, puts his gun down and checks on a sedated Maxie. Mac, Lulu and Spinelli all tried to comfort Maxie although she refused to attend Robin's funeral and instead went into work wearing a bright red dress. After they leave, he talks to Fluke about how he exactly looks like Luke Spencer and Julian's confession. During this time, Matt befriended Elizabeth which made Maxie jealous.

Maxie and Spinelli drifted further apart when Spinelli sank into a depression after Jason went to prison. On Christmas Eve, she starts to feel sick, and calls Spinelli, best australian dating sites who brings her to the hospital. Connie puts Johnny in the trunk and she crashes the car on the highway of Cole and Hope's deaths when she sees Ellie Trout in the roadway.

Despite tension between Lulu and Claudia, Johnny decides to let his girlfriend help collect information about his father to send him away to prison for good! Johnny and Maxie kiss Maxie and Johnny miss another date to a club opening for Crimson to help Claudia get Ric's stomach pumped after she drugged him. Eventually, Spinelli and Maxie started dating again, and Spinelli started proposing marriage. After months Spinelli goes back to normal which makes Maxie very happy even though she's dating Matt. Jason thompson has been dating a girl named Paloma for a long time, I believe.

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  • He tries to prove himself loyal to Sonny, despite all the setbacks.
  • It is revealed that Levi shot Scribner and took the girls to house.
  • Later, an upset Maxie visits Nathan and tells him Walters denied her visitation because he saw them together.
  • Lulu begins to become unstable, and she breaks Johnny out of the police station using a gun she brought and pretending to be his hostage.

In the aftermath of Lisa's death, Maxie noticed that Matt, Robin, and Patrick acted strangely and she was concerned someone close to her had killed Lisa. He just does not look the part to me. After the christening, Brad Cooper tells Dante and Lulu the truth about the baby. Maxie tells him she isn't going anywhere. She asks Lulu to her matron of honor, she is hesitant at first but eventually agrees.

Maxie struggled with the court's decision and realized that she could not stay away from her daughter. However, Johnny soon realizes that Kristina is taking things too far and manages to convince her to quit the charade. However, Frisco left Port Charles again after he realized that Felicia would not be taking him back. Would you like to see Lulu move on with her life if Dante is off the canvas for a long time, or do you hope Dominic Zamprogna returns, and there becomes a triangle, answers or none of the above?

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Meanwhile, Ellie told Spinelli the truth about the baby and he confronted Maxie about giving away their daughter. The sentencing hearing started and Maxie was not pleased when she saw her mother in attendance. Maxie quickly pushed Lucas aside after she secured the attention of a popular boy named Kyle and was willing to sleep with him to ensure her popularity. Johnny and Lisa overtime grow somewhat close and begin sleeping together. This action pushed Matt further away.

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Lulu assures Maxie that she only has eyes for Dante and Maxie says she only has eyes for Nathan. By the time they were reunited, a serial killer was stalking the women of Port Charles. With the help of her mother Lulu is able to recover, and the couple reconcile, though Johnny continues to be tormented over his role in Michael's injuries. This caused Maxie to be denied custody and visitation rights for another six months which devastates her. Maxie and Johnny found Emma and Robin in the snow, and they cared for Emma when Robin went to help at the hospital.

Everyone assumed Maxie was speaking out of grief even after she explained her role in causing the gas leak. Although this is her dream job, Carly Corinthos asks Lulu Spencer to take the job and they both become assistants. Maxie is taking it upon herself to locate Dante and bring him back to Lulu. Georgie brings her outside the room to show Maxie that she's wrong. Desperate to hold on to Lucky, Maxie faked a suicide attempt by taking a non-lethal dose of medications.

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Maxie was disappointed when she learned she had to share the job with Lulu. Spinelli hoped Kate would be fired so she could no longer require Johnny to be Maxie's escort. Logan attacked Maxie when he went looking for Lulu at the Crimson offices. This command given to him makes Johnny call his thugs and order them to kill Julian. Lulu later calls to tell Maxie, Nathan has been shot by a gunman who was holding Sam Morgan hostage.

Robert Scorpio Mac's brother. Johnny and Anthony Jason admits to Johnny that Michael was the one who, actually killed Claudia on accident. Maxie swore that she had abandoned her deal with Claudia and was too busy to seduce anyone because she was planning Robin and Patrick's wedding. When Flo drunkenly states they need to stop the wedding with the truth, Zoe panics. In the meantime, lloret de mar dating Lulu married her boyfriend Dante and moved out of the apartment she shared with Maxie.

Ingo Rademacher reveals that becoming a lifeguard led to his General Hospital return. Maxie did not blame Spinelli for what had happened, but Spinelli felt guilty for endangering Maxie's life, dating chinese girl etiquette and he agreed with her Uncle Mac that she deserved someone better than him. He has Ethan get Lisa Niles to save him. Each year on the anniversary of B.

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Kyle thought it was a great job because Maxie could steal drugs for them to get high on. Soon after, Anthony coerced Maxie into planning his wedding to Tracy Quartermaine. Sonny tries to kill him for ordering it, but Franco stops him. However, when the cops are clearing out the warehouse, they find Claudia's body, conveniently placed there by Franco. Mac and Felicia were forced to pretend to be engaged in order to catch a Mac look-alike.

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