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Redemptions Drivers Edge Citi Cards

Verdict - There are a few very good features about this card. They offer a great rewards program that you are automatically enrolled in called the Thank You Network.

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Since it was my first card, they were great in teaching me proper credit usage and how to pay off my balance every month. Lastly, this is the most flexible auto credit card in the market today, in that you can redeem your options dollars for either the purchase or lease of a new or used, domestic or foreign vehicle. It is fast and easy to get the rebates. This is a terrible business practice. Then whenever you have scheduled maintenance performed on your vehicle, just submit a form with a copy of your receipt showing your odometer reading.

Citi Driver s Edge Rewards Just Got Better

Redemptions drivers edge citi cards

This was my first credit card and I have nothing bad to say about it! The representative failed to contact me as promised. They know most people won't sue for a relatively small amount like that but do you really want to build up rebates to have them unfairly confiscated? This is a new feature that Citibank has added and is very much welcome.

Citicards drivers edge

Only one redemption can be submitted per vehicle. The method of calculating monthly balance is the average daily balance method including new purchases. Average Daily Balance including new purchases.

Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card Review

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You can also activate automatic bill payments for your credit cards bills from your bank. You can use the rewards either on a new car or car repairs and maintenance or you can use their thank you network for gift cards or cash. You can change your statement due date to match your other credit cards. View and Compare All Cards.

Find the Right Card for You. You can consolidate or do a transfer balance, but they usually offer it right before the change of the new year. Update - Citi is no longer offering this card.

You can also use rebates for auto maintenance purchases. You get more points when you do things for your car and charge them to this card but you have to send the receipts and I don't think I should have to do that. Thirdly, you can earn rebates from the miles you drive.

Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card Review

Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card Review

The rebates are really nice. Available Rates As high as anyone out there.

Citibank Drivers Edge does not care about its cardholders, only ripping them off charging fees. If you need to choose between credit cards, I recommend the Citi - Driver's Edge credit card if you love rewards that add up fast. This is because you actually fill in a form and submit it to Citibank to use your rebate. Rewards Programs Get rewarded for being a loyal Citi customer. Citibank is a great stable company, hasp hl driver so you know they will always be there.

Rebates are valid for five years. No other auto credit card gives such flexibility. Car dealers will not know anything about this. Your Drive Rebates will automatically appear on your statement. Once approved, a check will be mailed.

Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Card Review

They didn't care about my long membership with Drivers Edge. They refused to identify or provide an email address of the Drivers Edge Corporate Office.

When you redeem your drive rebates, you must redeem an equal amount of Options Rewards Dollars. One thing I wish this card would do was make it easier for the card members to send receipts.

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They things you can buy out of those points are useful, do not require a lot of points and humongous. To redeem for the full value, just send in the form to have it applied as credit, toward any car work you've had done tune-up, oil change, tires, etc.