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If you are free, then you can create beautiful things. She seems to have scientific curiosity. And just the richness and the sensuousness of the colour. Talking, laughing, loving, breathing.

That would have been something to behold! Tons of sadness in those paintings. What we do is not who we are.

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Jennifer has played in some really good movies. Tina was, however, a bisexual character. What do you think of her guys?

There are days left in the year. The L Word revival is set to premiere by the end of this year, and don't worry Shane is back. From her twitter account Do I contradict myself?

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So naturally now I extra love her. Gary talked her out of it. The thing about doing that movie was that the character Randy Dean was just so different from me. She's competing in a demographic with lots of great actresses starving for the very few parts.

Laurel Holloman s Boyfriend
  1. Should they be kissing or not?
  2. Why would anyone hire a decent actress whose looks have held up well when they could hire one of a slew of her contemporaries who are brilliant actresses whose looks have held up well?
  3. What an actor, what a painter, what a beautiful person.
  4. Laurel Holloman has always been my favorite fantasy.
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Headed to Falls Lake, Neuse River? She has the worst fashion sense! Dawn Steel from Paramount? Beautiful, talented, spiritual and a good person Your face is light Jennifer Beals Take care.

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Lucy started out as a hoofer and updating her onscreen dancing would have brought her a whole new generation of fans. Also, I love Laurel Holloman so much as an actress! That story was very plot driven. The show was one of my favorites, and it was a shame that it flopped in the ratings.

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In fact, the idea that she never wanted to be the center of the viewing public's attention is rather refreshing. It definitely made the movie more popular than it should have been. For God's sake, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston continue to act, but they are no more talented, and you could argue they are less talented. Jennifer Beals is deserving.

She doesn't look incredible for her age. Cheadle steals the show though. She is one of the most classy and beautiful actresses, maybe because she isn't overexposed. Brilliant interview, Jess! She was Tina, i'm dating younger man indivisible from Bette for TiBette fans the world over.


Her performance in the Wigs series is really really good. Sometimes actors take time off to tend to their families or have health concerns or hold down the fort while their creative spouse works, etc. On Twitter as of Friday jenniferbeals.

Laurel Holloman s Relationships

After the L Word she should star in great movies. That admirably modest attitude to her work brings us back to Tina Kennard again. That got some flak I recall, sugar mummy hookup site that the dance sequences were fake.

No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. Really, she loves posting about science? So, I was thrilled when she came and did an episode of The L Word in the second season.

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Thank god it was a small part. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So hope she is soon back on our screens she is definately missed. But then it never happened again. Beals got married to a fairly successful director and lived a normal life, acting when she felt like it.

In fact I just met Gabriel Byrne in a restaurant a few weeks ago and was thanking him for the show. You stalked me before, you think i didn't noticed that? Leisha is also an artist and was especially supportive and that meant so much to me because I respect her so much as an artist. Does that make it more scary? She has joined the cast of the Mob Doctor playing a Carmela Soprano type mob wife.

Jess has written articles for us. She is incredibly beautiful inside out and a very moving actress. Why do people always assume that actors just want to work, work, work?

  • She fucked most of the cast of The L Word and got herself a reputation.
  • Jess is a pop culture junkie living in New York City.
  • The range she shows between Randy and Tina is incredible.
  • So she shunned everything except her inner life.
  • Laurel Holloman is a beautiful painter and Actress.

She seems to be a considerate and sincere person. There were some scenes where I was really uncomfortable because I hated how whiny or dependent she is. They need a pot stirrer and hope Beals will be it.

Ahh, Jess, this was perhaps your best interview yet. Here are a few of the things we want to see happen. He really seemed to go out of his way to despise it, and he usually liked movies with women in various states of undress.

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